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My name is Daniel, and with me you can expect 20 years of experience in web development. My previous clients include companies, freelancers and individuals from various industries and with different budgets. Become one of them! With my experience and my know-how, I will support you in the areas of strategic consulting, planning and conception, design, implementation and support in marketing and SEO. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerly Daniel

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A design is only as good as the concept behind it. That's why I'm happy to advise you in all project-relevant questions about the design and technical elements involved in implementing your website (consulting design, advising technology, conceptual design, responsive design, tracking & analysis and much more).


As a trained media computer scientist, my expertise lies particularly in the area of User Experience (UX). I design your projects according to the latest findings and together we achieve the best possible conversion rates for your online store. Responsive Design and Mobile First are on everyone's lips, and that is no different here. I can help you to optimally adapt your website to mobile, tablet and desktop devices.


Once the design has been agreed on - it's time to be implemented. Here I work with the latest technology and implement your website with HTML5, CSS3, PHP and Javascript. Regardless of whether it's a static website or one developed with a CMS like TYPO3, I ensure the code is clean and valid, and compatible for all relevant browsers.


Creation of a new website or online store is only the first step. In most industries a strong competition expects you. Therefore it is important that you develop an individual media strategy. I will help you to bring your existing business model into a clever digital form or even develop it further to reach its full potential.

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Team and partners

A well functioning team is stronger than an individual. That is the motto of our agency. We support you with a broadly based partner network, which enables us to offer our clients the best possible solutions. We are a network of experts in our field. An association of agencies & freelancers. A strong team and partner network.



User Experience Design (UX) / Project management / Programming


Project management / strategy / online marketing


online marketing / search engine optimization


User Experience Design (UX) / User Interface Design (UI)